Have I mentioned you can cook with Gar-la-la?? Heck yea! Here is an amazing
dish. Zucchini cakes made with Original GAr-la-la as a binder. with Flour City
Pasta and homemade sauce.... Zucchini Cakes Recipe: 2 med. Zucchini--1 Green
Pepper- 1 small Onion--2 tbls of Original Gar-la-la--salt & pepper--1 cup of
bread crumbs seasoned and vegan. Grate zucchini and onion, chop pepper very
fine--squeaze out water with a clean towel---mix all ingredients--form into
small patties-- and saute in coconut oil. You can top off the zucchini cakes
with a vegan cheese (we used Zorbas Natural Foods "LotZaRella") and bake in the
oven until the "cheese" melts. Top off with your favorite sauce and side dish of

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